One of the most particular areas of the location is its large and varied garden. Developed on a terrace overlooking the city of Susa, its shady paths dominated by centuries old trees can lead you to sunny flower beds, to private courtyards protected by towering holly hedges. You can rest in the shade of a majestic wisteria or you can admire the papiri and the ferns that grow near the fountains, while a palm tree sways and an impressive linden sheds its seeds in the wind.

But in front of the villa the garden offers also a large square where it can be easy to set up opena air receptions.

The external lighting system obviously allows the space to be utilized also in the evenings, thereby taking advantage of the location in all its potential.

The “Pennacolo”

The external structure with its wooden decorations and the characteristic sloping roofs, called “Pennacolo”, overhangs the entrance to the park from the lower alley. Being the main point of access to the villa it is ideal as the place for reception, allowing guests the leisure to sit with ease before visiting the other areas offered by the location.

Near to the “Pennacolo” you can find the barbecue and a large wood burning oven, which may be used to prepare special dishes cooked the traditional way. This area is therefore also suitable as a resting spot and can accommodate up to 20 covers.

The bowling green situated nearby can instead afford the most different needs: it can be used for a challange to the typical game, it can be equipped as an amenity area for entertaining children or used to increase the covers offered by the “Pennacolo”.